Knot, Knot...who's there?


Knotted is a brand built with love and inspired by a love of plants, great design and sustainability.  We offer a range of colourful, stylish and eco-friendly plant hangers which give a modern twist to traditional macramé. 

From the outset we knew that we wanted to put sustainability at the heart of Knotted. Every Knotted Plant Hanger we make and finish by hand from our South East London studio from 100% recycled cotton which has been taken from textile and production waste which was destined for landfill. No dyes are used to create the colours, instead textiles are shredded to a dust like consistency and then mixed in specific quantities to create the desired colours. So clever, so sustainable. 

Every Knotted Plant Hanger is made with care, focusing not only on the quality of the materials we use but also the little touches we've added; from the brass hanging hook which comes with every hanger, the engraved decorate brass tags to the beautiful eco-friendly packaging, we obsess about these details.

And finally we knew we wanted to find a way to give and not just take from our planet, which is why we chose to become a member of 1% for the Planet, a Global movement in which members commit to donating at least 1% of sales to environmental charities. 

We're designed by people and for people who love to hang out with plants!  So that’s us at Knotted, we really hope you like what we do. 

Thanks for your support 

The team at Knotted x