Bored of roses? Here's some romantic alternatives to woo your loved one on Valentines Day

Roses may be synonymous with Valentine's Day but for those looking for something a bit different to surprise their loved one this Valentine's Day there's lot of great alternatives. 

1. Miniature Roses

Roses are the ultimate Valentine's Day but usually come with a high cost to both your bank balance and the environment, often being flown in from Kenya or Holland. If you're wanting your Valentine to have a longer lasting reminder of how amazing you are, why not give a miniature rose instead? They grow great indoors, just remember to give them plenty of light. 

2. Jasmine:

Jasmine flowers will not only fill your Valentine's home with a seductively sweet scent but it's oil is also known as being a powerful aphrodisiac. Result.


3. Hoya Sweetheart Cactus:

Like the perfect partner, the super cute heart shaped leaves of the Hoya Sweetheart cactus is easy to love ad very low-maintenance.

4. Orchid

The exotic orchid is said to symbolise love, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece it was also a symbol of virility and it was thought that if eaten during pregnancy by the mother they would have a baby girl and if eaten by the father they would have a boy. As far as we are aware this is not scientifically proven but they are very sexy, so sure to impress anyway. 

5. Kokedama (Japanese moss ball)

Who says Valentines is just for romantic love? Moss is the symbol of maternal love so why not show your mum you love her with a Kokedama (means moss in Japanese).

6. Ivy

Partners may come and go but friends are always there. Ivy is often linked with friendship; because both are incredibly strong and durable. Valentine's is a great time to show a friend how much you care. 

7. String of Hearts

Last up, the String of Hearts. This lovely trailing plant makes into the list due to the beautiful cascading trails of 100s of heart shaped leaves. Like any good relationship, this plant with flourish with a little care and the right conditions. Water sparingly and make sure has lots of bright, indirect sunlight.